Anaerobic coffee

Anaerobic coffee is processed in an oxygen-free environment, enhancing its flavors and producing a distinct, complex taste profile. This method often results in a fruity and vibrant cup, favoured by specialty coffee enthusiasts.

Certified Limu Washed Coffee

Certified Limu Washed Coffee offers a delightful blend of bright acidity and subtle sweetness. We savor its smooth body and distinct hints of fruit and florals in every sip.

Speciality Prepared coffee

Specialty prepared coffee is meticulously crafted from handpicked beans, delivering an exceptional flavor experience. We relish its unique, nuanced profiles that elevate our daily brew to a work of art.

Sun dried organic natural coffee

Sun-dried organic natural coffee captivates with its rich, fruity flavors and natural sweetness. We enjoy its bold, complex taste that reflects the care and tradition in every bean.