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Exceptional Quality

Our coffee consistently receives a cupping score of +85%, showcasing our exceptional quality.


Global Pioneer in Coffee Production

Using cutting-edge methods, we are committed to being a global pioneer in coffee production by 2030 G.C.


Exceptional Exporter

Recognized as one of EthiopiaŹ¼s top specialty coffee exporters, consistently ranking in the top 150.

Pioneering Excellence

Using advanced methods and technologies, we are committed to producing and exporting the highest quality coffee.

We envision becoming a major producer and exporter of coffee in East Africa, setting new standards for the industry. Our core values ensure customer satisfaction, employee respect, cultural preservation, community appreciation, and compliance with all laws and regulations. Our achievements include winning the GFA in 2018, being recognized as one of EthiopiaŹ¼s few specialty exporters, and consistently ranking in the top 150 for our coffee. Our future plans include export processing, value addition, and expanding our strong coffee presence in the Northwest. We are proud to have exported our specially prepared, anaerobic, and certified organic coffee to countries like France, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Germany through reputable partners such as Belco, Keffa Coffee, Royal Coffee, Falcon Coffee, and Heneri Christen.

At the heart of our passion lies a meticulous coffee process that transforms the finest beans into your perfect cup. We begin in the fertile soils of the Oromia Region’s Jimma Zone, specifically in the Limu Kossa woreda, where our journey starts in the nursery with the careful cultivation of coffee seedlings. As these plants mature, they are meticulously tended until they are ready for picking at the peak of ripeness. Each cherry is handpicked to ensure only the best quality beans are selected. The cherries are then expertly dried to preserve their rich, complex flavors. Our expert team roasts each batch to perfection, followed by a precision grinding process that maintains the beans’ nuanced aromas.





Drying Natural

Drying Natural



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Export of Specialty Coffee to USA Through KEFFA COFFEE, ROYAL COFFEE & FALCON COFFEE

Exports Speciality Coffee to France & Saudi Through BELCO

Export of Specialty Coffee to GERMANY Through HENERI CHRISTEN